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A site dedicated to Imam Hussain (a.s), and his sacrifice for Islam at Kerbala.
Informational site in many languages
Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project.
Shahid Motahari
Official website of the late Shahid Motahari.
The Hadith Network
English, Arabic, and Farsi resources.
Midwest Association of Shia Organization.
Muhammadi Trust
Books for sale
Shia Links
Links to many Shia sites.
Mulitilingual online site relating to hadith – traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF), Lady Fatima (PBUH), and the Twelve Imams (PBUT).
For kids and adults.
An online site for duas in text and audio formats.
Foundation website. Classes, software, conferences, scholars, laws, much more
Learning Quran
A program which teaches how to correctly recite the Holy Quran.
A comprehensive and useful site.
United Nations News
World News From the United Nations.
Shura Council
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California
Council on American-Islamic Relations, Southern California
The Shia Homepage
A site with information and links.
Quran resources on the internet.
The official site of Ayatollah Khamenei.
The Liason Office site of Ayatollah Sistani
Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
A Site about Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
A site dedicated to Ayatollah Khomaini
Biography, books, speeches, and gallery of Dr. Ali Shariati
Website of books by Sayed Tijani.
Bright Future Institute
Future is Bright
Mahdaviat Studies
B F News
Bright Future News
Zero Time from Bright Future Institute
Intizar Magazine
Intizar Magazine for Youth from Bright Future Institute
Melika Magazine
Melika Magazine from Bright Future Institute
Imam Reza Network
This link will take you to the English, but Arabic and Farsi are also available.
Harun Yahya Kids
This site consists of books by Harun Yahya for kids.
Harun Yahya
A site available in 10 languages with the varied works of Harun Yahya.
Converts to Islam
A helpful site for those who have converted to Islam, and those who are considering it.
Aalim Network
The archives of the Aalim Network where Islamic questions have been asked and answered.
Islamic books for sale by Ansariayan Publishers.
Shia Masjid
Site with several valuable resources.
Innovative Minds
Innovative Minds is a young software house specialising in the application of internet and multimedia technology for promoting a better understanding of Islam in the west.
Islamic Knowledge
Arabic language resource.

Islamic Occassions
Valuable site full of information.
Holy Ramadan Page
Site dedicated to the Holy Month of Ramadhan.
A very nice websited dedicated wholly to Hajj.
“AlMujtaba is a site designed to provide information about the true Islam in text, multimedia, and pictures.”
A site available in English, Farsi, and Arabic.
Imam Ali (as) Net
A site about Imam Ali (as) in three languages.
Search engine for shia websites.
Ya Zahra
A website dedicated to Lady Fatima az-Zahra (as).
Imam Jawad Net (as)
A site about Imam Jawad (as).
Courses in Islamic topics.
Al-Fath Al-Mubin
This website has a section for Islamic Education for children. It also has a number of article, and some books in PDF format, some of which may be hard to find elsewhere.
Rafed Network
Network This site is also available in Arabic. It has books, articles, and other valuable features.
Al-Mizan Website
Just as the name says, this website is dedicated to the Quranic commentary, Al-Mizan by Allamah Tabatabai.
Islamic attire.
This site has blogs, links, youth sections, books, articles, multimedia, and much more.
Al-Qaem Institute
This site offers advanced Islamic Studies.
This site has too much to list; check it out.
Offering Quranic commentary in Arabic and English. This site has commentaries by both Shia and Sunni authors.
A site for young Shia sisters
Tawheed Institute website. See their summer camp information.
Revert Muslims
A site for and about reverts/converts to Islam. But don’t be fooled by the name, it is a good site for anyone to go to.
Shia Women
The website for the World Association of Women Followers of the Ahl-ul-Bayt (a.s.).
Pray Time
Besides giving prayer times, adjusted your own time zone, this site will call your adhan for you. Be sure to click on options.
Quran, Sunnah, Radio, TV, and more
Maaref Foundation
Sections: Beliefs, Hadith, History, Ethics, Social, Library, Tafseer (Quranic Commentary) and more. Also available in Arabic and Urdu.
Ansariyan Publishers
Books for sale in a number of languages.
Introducing Islam
A multi-media site.
Ya Mahdi
This site offers audio, books, article, flash presentations, and more.
Light of Islam
This site has many useful articles.
Shia Chat
Enter this site to participate in a chat forum. It also has links to books.
Bani Hashem
This site is available in a number of languages.
This site is also available in Farsi and Arabic. As the name implies, this site is about Al-Baqi Cemetery.
Roshd Foundation
Articles and multimedia are available here.
Muslim Bridges
Books, downloads, videos, articles, etc. for people who wish to learn about Islam. Their stated intent is to “Build Bridges” to help people understand Islam better.
Universal Muslim Association of America
Umma is an organization, which addresses socio-economic, political and cultural issues. The website has helpful links, interesting articles, and news of Umma conferences.
Momin website contains duas and lectures.